Hustler Tunnel

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Wildcat 16 Semi - Catamaran Sport Hull

Hustler Tunnel

Langth - 16' - 2"

Beam - 82"

Depth - 24"

Transom Hight - 18"

Power Range - 75 - 110H.P.

Weight - 703 lb

Year - 1965 - 1967 ??

Colors: Red, Blue, or Yellow "Fire - Glass"



Ride - Guide Steering

Ski Tow Eye

Chrome Bow Eye

Self Bailing Well

Vinyl Rub Rail

Back - To - Back Bucket Seating


Swept Windshield

Wooden Steering Wheel

De luxe Upholstered Seats

Special Custom Colors

Price $1395


What I think I know about the boat.

The Hustler Tunnel was originally made by Jim Umbarger at Hustler Boats in Illinois.    Howard Pipkorn was buying boats from Jim at Hustler Boats, then started to make his own version of the boat.  I have heard numbers ranging from 21 to 50 of these boat where made.  Some were made for racing, run with 100hp motors while some had front and back seats with carpeting for normal boating. 

I'm hopping to set down with Richard Kojetin (a friend and employee of Howard at the time) to get more information about the boat.

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wilcat 2