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This site has been put together in the hopes of building a knowledge base of the boats built by Howard Pipkorn before Hydrosteam was started in 1968.

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John Dorn's Wildcat



Well the first thing is to get the boat off the trailer and stripped down. I also flipped the boat over.



Started to get a stand/ jig put together.

4/9/14 split the hull and deck.


Pulled the deck off.

The front seat box goes the full length width of the hull.

Here is photos of the rear set box. I was thinking that the rear seat box was added to the boat some time after it was built . It looks like it was put in when it was built



I pulled the front bulk head and the top part of the side to expose the end of the seat box

in nthe front and back.

This is the front box.

Rear seat box.

Pulled the front seat box.

The rear set box was so cut up from past mods that there was not much remaining.


Coring still wet after 2 years of sitting in the garage.

Plywood core at the back of the boat was also soaked throw.

Remove the transome was easy work because it was not lamanated to the glass. A 1/4" gap

between the 2x12's they used and the hull.



big pool of resin that was not bonded to the plywood.


Here are the blocks that the turn fins are mounted to.

I went through the hull in a few spots. should be to big of a deal to fix. The hull is 1/8" thick.



I've been sanding and prepping the hull for repairs and glass. Even got a little help till he found out how itchy it can get.

There are two buttresses on the transom that I was told were not there when it was built. When I took a closer look at them I beleave that they were there when it was built. There is a radeis is the fiberglass that would not be there if it was added after it was built. So the plain is to leave them there.

Here is the inside.



I started to repair hole in the hull and fill some voids.

I'm using Vinylester (Reichhold Hydrex 100) and a heavy mat to make the repairs. I also picked up Peel Ply. This should lesson the prep work for the next step and leave me with a much nicer finished look when I'm done.



First I'm going to lay 1.5 oz mat to help out with bonding. This should also give me a nice flat surface for the 1208 that will go down next.